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Who are Survival Skills?
Survival Skills is one of the longest established advanced training schools in the UK, with nearly 20 years in post-test training. We offer flexible courses at all levels from novice to experienced. Kevin Williams is a BTEC-certificated advanced instructor, who previously worked as a professional courier. With experience at all levels from CBT to post-test. As well as a BTEC at advanced level, Kevin has held DVSA-qualifications at CBT & DAS level and has a Masters science degree and an NVQ in e-learning. Survival Skills courses have an unrivalled variety and depth of content and offers something for everyone, whatever and wherever you ride. We focus on training to a standard that exceeds advanced tests. Our extensive motorcycling and training experience and our knowledge of, you can rest assured you’re in good hands with Survival Skills!
Who we train 
Competitively priced, our courses are suitable for all full licence holders, from newly qualified to highly experienced, from 17-70+. Whether your ride is sportsbike or scooter, Honda or Harley, just bring along the enthusiasm to improve!
Visit our store 
Find out about our books on better biking skills, our range of shatterproof sunglasses & useful safety equipment for riders.
What people say 
"I swear that Kevin is the most sensible talking, straight-up, common sense biker I've ever seen in 20 years”... “I've done some other training. I like the Survival Skills approach...”
Where do we train?
Survival Skills runs courses  in DORSET,  OXFORDSHIRE, KENT & NORTHERN FRANCE. Several times a year, we go “on tour” to Wales, the Peak District & Devon.
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