Survival proactive defensive riding skills
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Survival: SKILLS Designed as a comprehensive introduction to advanced riding, our original TWO DAY course takes in both rural riding, urban areas and fast roads and exceeds advanced test standard. With content including cornering, collision avoidance and slow riding technique, we’ll improve your observation, risk assessment and management skills, and show how systematic riding in rural and urban areas increases enjoyment and safety. Cost – £405 for two days. Ratio – 1:1
Survival: URBAN A ONE DAY course particularly suited to commuters, that looks at the defensive riding skills needed in heavy town or motorway traffic. We’ll explore hazard recognition, risk assessment and management skills, look at filtering and slow speed control, and work on collision avoidance at junctions. You’ll get the chance to ride in heavy traffic and spend time working on motorway and dual carriageways too. Cost – £405 for two days. Ratio – 1:1
BASICS: COLLISION AVOIDANCE A highly affordable short course with a twist, focusing on the steering and braking skills needed to take evasive action in emergencies. We’ll spend some time off- road workng on practical skills, discuss the pros and cons of day riding lights and hi-vis clothing then take a ride on the lookout for on the urban ‘SMIDSY’ (“Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You”) collision, working on proactive ‘see and be seen’ positioning to help you avoid the most common crash. Cost – £60 for two hours. Ratio – 1:1
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