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Survival Skills takes your privacy seriously

This statement aims to keep you informed about the information you may be providing during your visit and aims to satisfy our obligations to you under the 1998 Data Protection Act. 

Survival Skills Rider Training believes in keeping visitors' personal information personal. For this reason, we do not use cookies (though some of our partner links may). We may however, record visitor information to monitor traffic volumes and the number of readers of each page. This information is used to assess the popularity of and improve the quality of the website. We do not use this information to track the activities of specific visitors. 

Please note that our online booking system requires that you submit personal data, including name, phone number and email address, which is processed on our behalf by You can find their privacy policy here. Once submitted, your information is retained solely by us and will not knowingly be passed to third-parties. If you do not wish to provide an element of data and the form demands it, enter 'WITHHELD' in the field. 

Visitors who choose to send in comments or reviews etc. may be asked to supply personal data, but are not obliged to give it. If you choose to do so, this information is recorded and may be used for broad demographic information - it is not used to target specific users with commercial services. We reserve the right to publish e-mails and letters sent to Survival Skills particularly if it helps improve our site content, for example  in the 'what people say about our training' section. If the sender asks that that we don't publish specific content , or reveal his or her identity, that information won't be published.

Finally, don't forget that  should you contact us via unencrypted email, the data in that email is stored on routers and mail servers outside our control.  

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